Thursday, October 2, 2008

Should I Elope?

With the economy putting a dent into everyone's pockets alot of couples are contimplating skipping the big wedding idea and eloping. There is nothing wrong with this idea but still show respect to your family and friends by announcing your recent marriage and possibly invite close friends and family for a dinner gathering afterwards. You can still have a good time and manage your budget closely.

Something to keep in mind if you do decide to elope-
Will you have photo's to remember your special day?
Will you purchase a special gown to elope in?
Are you able to go on a honeymoon?
Will there be a cake?

What is important to you should be taken into consideration before making this decision and it should be mutual you don't want to have any regrets about your special day. Keeping your parents in mind is always important, will they understand or will they be devastated?

Think about these decisions and make sure you don't compromise what is truly important to you on this day.

If you feel you are giving up way more than you had planned to get married, than the other option is WAIT!! You can always postpone your big day so that you can afford it. If your relationship is solid there is nothing that is going to come between you and your wedding day. Why not make it a day that you will never forget...

Best Wishes -

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