Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Make Your Day Memorable Without Going Into Debt

How To Make Your Day Memorable Without Going Into Debt

Looking back at our wedding 13 years ago I realize all the things we should have, could have, and didn't get to do. All in all what really matters the commitment, the love that is there, and the loved ones that were there to celebrate our special day. 

Here is what happened to us and happens to so many.  In the end I will show you how to cut back the costs and have your cake and eat it too!!

What we wanted to do was have a casual affair with a pig roast, cocktails, and flowers everywhere.  Maybe invite 30 of our closest friends and our family members.  Well that is where the issues all began.  If you have a big family or a lot of friends then you know what I mean.  Inviting aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces, and nephews can end up being 80 people if you aren't careful, it is the same with your friends. 
Before you know it your guest list is out of control and you feel obligated to invite everyone. Your parents object to a kegger, or a cash bar so that adds to your overall budget, of course then you have to invite your parents friends because of course they went to all their children's weddings and they feel it is time for them to have some reciprocation.  It can lead to a major PITA factor. 

Here is my advice from experience not only from hearing fellow brides but from my own wedding woes.

Figure out where you want to have your wedding if it is outside always prepare for the weather. 


If it is at a hall choose an off season month, and an earlier wedding affair.
Having your wedding in March versus May can save you 100's of dollars, of course having a Friday wedding is always cheaper but if weekends are a must than why not host a brunch or luncheon type affair.  Then you do not feel obligated to have an open bar, you can make it as simple as you want or as elaborate as you want and still have fun and not go broke doing so.


Sit down with your Fiance' and decide how many people you truly can afford to come to your wedding if it is 100 than stick to 100!  If your family is large than only invite adults, and cut out neighbors, co-workers, aquaintences, and relatives you are not close with.  Send them an announcement if you wish but do not feel obligated to invite everyone and anyone to your wedding day.  Remember this is YOUR DAY!!


For some flowers make the day seem even more special, so don't skip out on the flowers but be selective. Order flowers that are in season and can be found locally if possible. Your local grocer often has a wonderful floral department and they do just as good of a job as a florist for a fraction of the price. Less is more should be your motto.


Discount bridal stores are a great place to go but if you are not a traditionalist why wear a white wedding gown when you can easily get a beautiful dress, suit, or gown at a fraction of the price.  Think unique and classy when making this decision.  Some brides feel they have to pay 1,000's of dollars to look good for their wedding day when in fact most brides are uncomfortable, hot, and itchy.  Comfort = Sexy!


This is the first impression for most on what to expect at your wedding a do it yourself kit can be less costly but first, who has the time, and second do you really want to send out self-made invites when you can just as easily order budget friendly professional invites. A little leg work and you can find in-expensive beautiful invitations that represent your day with style.  Don't skimp on  first impressions.

We had a wonderful wedding 13 years ago and really have no true regrets on how we put together our wedding reception or ceremony but working two jobs for two years to pay for it did put a crimp in our day to day plans it did prepare us for our future budgeting needs, but was it really all necessary? No.  What I remember the most is the food, the music, and seeing how handsome my husband looked on our wedding day.  The best part of it all truly was our Honeymoon!!

Wishing you all the luck and remember this is your day!

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