Monday, May 17, 2010

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What to expect with your services

As our customer you will experience that we are on time or we call to let

you know our ETA.

We are friendly and easy to communicate with.

We really care about what is important to you.

You are encouraged to check our work and let us know quickly what was great and what wasn't.

We keep in mind that "perfect" means something different you.

Some tips on maintaining or preparing for a cleaner to arrive:

Most people "clean" before the crew arrives. But, like the defintion of

"perfect" it doesn't mean "clean" to us. If you would like to "clean"

before we get there quick is most important. Quckly pick up the good stuff

off the floor. Quickly throw dirty clothes in a basket or hamper. Don't

make the bed. Place clean sheets in the room and we will change and make

the bed for you. Quckly pick up toys, just put them on shelves or in a toy

box. If you don't have a place for them, quikly pile them in a corner or

along a wall. Move dishes to kitchen. Kitchen, don't worry about the dirty

dishes. Just be sure the dishwasher is empty. We don't mind running a load

for you. If there is garbage on the floor we can take care of that.

Bathrooms, stuff on the counters can really slow us down. We wash all the

bottles and tubes, same with stuff in the showers and around the bath tubs.

If you don't want that to happen just put them in a drawer or under the sink

in a basket on the day we clean. Quickly throw the bath towels and cloths in

the washer turn it on. Ask us to move them to the dryer. They'll be ready

for you to put back when you get home.

So after you "clean" your house may still look dirty. But, after we've been

there it will not only look clean but, it will be clean.

Tip about how to keep the kitchen stove clean. One of the hardest things to

clean on the stove top is burnt on food. Avoid burning food by not cooking

on HIGH. Med-high is usually hot enough to burn food so why turn it up to


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