Monday, November 17, 2008

Economy Effecting Your Wedding Plans?

* Recession Proof Your Wedding - Don't go deeply into debt to have your wedding. Right now with the markets being the way that they are, that's a little more than scary.

Don't take a line of credit out against your house to pay for your wedding right now. The best way to recession proof your wedding is to figure out what you can realistically spend on your wedding (chat with your parents about this too) and then stick to it. Cut down your guest list. A smaller guest list will not only save you money but will give you more room to spread out on the dance floor.

* Buyer Beware - Yes you want a good deal but now is not the time to be booking with anyone who hangs up a sign. You need to pick people who are well established and have financially secure companies that have been around for awhile. How horrible would it be to give someone a big deposit and then not be able to get a hold of them again?

* Be Smart With Your Wedding AND Lifestyle Budget - It's important that you make a budget for both your wedding AND your life and then stick to it. This will help you feel in control and confident with all your decisions.