Thursday, January 21, 2010


Bridal Shower and Games go hand in hand.  Girls just love to have a good time!  There are several games out there that you can purchase however the ones that are free are just as fun!

Here are a few ideas for your upcoming Bridal Shower some are even great for a Co-Ed event!


Everyone is given a piece of paper that has For Sale _________ at the top of it. Then ask each guest to think of something they own that they would like to sell. No husbands please!

Examples: A toaster, a table, microwave oven, old clothes, etc. Once they have come up with an item to sell they must write a classified advertisement for whatever they are selling.

For Sale Washing Machine

For sale used washer machine for washing clothes, machine has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.

Now once they are done tell them to replace the mention of the item in the ad and replace it with the groom’s name and read their advertisement out loud.

So the ad would read:

For Sale John Smith

For sale used John Smith for washing clothes, John has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.

If it is a couples shower, the men's would write the bride-to-be's name in the blank and women would write the groom-to-be's name in the blank.

Cotton Ball

Bridal Shower Game

To play this shower game you will need two large bowls, one of which should be filled with white cotton balls plus a large kitchen spoon and a cloth to use as a blindfold.

Each guest in turn competes in this game. Blindfold the guest and give one minute to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other just using the kitchen spoon.

Make a note of how many of the cotton balls each guest can transfer in exactly one minute. The guest who transfers the most cotton balls is the winner.

Due to the fact that the spoon is quite heavy and the cotton balls are quite light it is very difficult for the guests to tell whilst blindfolded whether they have anything in the spoon, consequently they will spend most of their time transferring an empty spoon.

This is a very amusing game for the other shower guests to watch.

The Purse

Bridal Shower Game

Before the shower the hostess draws up a long list of items which you would expect to find in a woman's purse and allocates each item with a number of points from one to twenty, depending on how unusual the item would be, ranging say for one point for a comb to three points for a mirror and five points for nail clippers. Other items could be a driver's license, lipstick, key ring with more than five keys on, a key ring with more than ten keys on, more than five credit cards, more than ten credit cards etc.

Each guest in turn shows the hostess the items which she wants credited to her points tally and the guest with the highest amount of points wins the game. If there are any items which are not on the list, or anything particularly unusual the bride and hostess could act as the judges to award a special points award.

A variation on this game could be to see who has the most items in their purse, or who has the heaviest purse.

Have fun! 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  As you start to plan your wedding the first of many things that you need to decide is:  What is your theme?  How much can I afford? What am I willing to cut back on?

Once you answer these three questions you can easily move forward with the representation of your wedding day, your invitations, or Save the Date cards! 

If Going Green is your goal for 2010 or 2011, than take a look at these beautiful invitations.  No longer does eco-friendly = dull and drab there are some exciting picks out there now at affordable prices.

This invitation features a botanical design printed in Soy-based inks and produced on cream colored recycled paper.
Mention Item #S 528 From our BirchCraft Line
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Our vendor Carlson Craft has a wonderful line also called Naturally Ever After here is one of their stunning eco-friendly invitations:

Simply Mocha

An ecru pocket is created for your mocha invitation card when you tie ribbon around this ensemble. Format and design are available only as shown.

5 1/8" x 7 1/4"

These invitations are crafted on quality, recycled papers containing at least 30% post-consumer fibers.

Mention Item # WAN12387-718
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