Monday, October 27, 2008

Communication: Keys to the Wedding You Want

Communication seems to come up in everything we do.  Especially, when planning a wedding.  Communication will be the key to whether you create the wedding of your dreams or the wedding you wish you could forget.  Here are some key elements to remember about communication:
  • Be sure to listen first…give the other person the complete opportunity to express their ideas or suggestions before you answer. Listening will give you as much information about the vendor, as you are giving the vendor about your ideas for the wedding.
  • You may be excellent at communicating with other people… BUT… that does not mean the person you are communicating with is.  If there seems to be a communication gap…Ask the vendor…”What is your specialty?”  This generally opens up the communication by allowing people to talk about the aspects of their business that they are most passionate about.
  • If people are expecting immediate answers from you that you can’t give…take a break…set a deadline of when you will make the decision and give them the answer by the deadline.
  • Ask lots of questions, assuming you know exactly what the other person is saying creates an opportunity for a gap in communication. So open up… and ask the questions…”I am not sure what you mean, could you show me a sample?”
  • To communicate what you want, you have to know what you want…Take some time and explore the details that you want to see in your wedding.   If you are shopping for details let the vendor know…”I am open to some details or ideas.”
Jodi Wilson is the owner, success coach and consultant of Mountain Springs Professional and Organizational Services, LLC.  Jodi’s clients define, discover, dream, design and deliver the success they want in their lives.  Visit their website at for more information on their services.

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