Friday, April 4, 2008

Honeymoon Ideas

Planning your honeymoon is often the highlight of every wedding -

Here are a few links to get you started:

Some things to avoid as mentioned on

For the most romantic vacation, avoid the tourist-packed months of July and

Avoid the touristy Cancun, and instead head for surfer hotspots like Puerto
Escondido, Puerto Vallarta or Tulum.

Here are some other helpful tips re: your honeymoon day:

Not realizing that most tours and cruises depart on SaturdaysAt least the
7-day cruises that is, and with Saturday being the most popular day to marry…
hmmm… can see the conflict, can’t you? Most of the 3-day sailings depart on
Fridays, most 4-day sailings depart on Mondays, and there are even 10- and
11-day sailings and longer! So if you’ve always dreamed of taking a cruise
honeymoon, be sure to book your cruise first, and take the departure date into
account when choosing the wedding date and location. And unless you live within
driving distance of the port of departure, you’ll have a flight too (normally
booked at the time you book your cruise), so keep in mind that you’ll need extra
time to get to the port city, allowing for a leisurely (not rushed!)

Traveling out of the country? Be sure you have a current Passport. It can
take 6 to 8 weeks (including mailing time) to get a new or renewed Passport,
2 to 3 weeks if you pay hefty additional fees for expedited service. For
information on fees, passport office locations, and to download application
forms and instructions, visit the U.S. Department of States website at

It’s not just a commercial, it’s true – not everywhere takes American
Express, or VISA or MasterCard for that matter (although many places do). But
it’s best to have some small-denomination traveler’s checks stashed in your
security-style money belt for that little souvenir you just can’t live without.
Small-denomination because in many foreign countries they won't want to give you
change in US Dollars. And you’ll want to have some cash (again in small
bills) on hand to tip those hard working folks who carry your bags, bring you
drinks, etc.

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