Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Cut Down Our Wedding List

As wedding season approaches I find many brides including myself 11 years ago have the age old dilemma. How can we afford this many people on our guest list? Who are we going to erase from our list? It's always best to start out with a budget x amount of dollars total for your banquet cost is what you can afford but you have 250 people on your guest list and that puts you WAY over your budget. Instead of getting a loan out or maxing out your credit cards simply cut your list down here are some clever ideas on how to "Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List".

Eliminating just 10 people could save you over $1,000! Limit your wedding guests to your nearest and dearest friends and family members.

If you are feeling guilty about not inviting someone you can always send them an invite exclusively to your ceremony. If they ask why they weren't invited to the hall simply say "We kept it very intimate to keep costs down however we would love to see you at the most important part of our wedding day."

Make a non-negotiable list.
This is the short list of people that absolutely must be at your wedding. This could possibly turn out to be your list of bridesmaids and groomsmen as well.

From your non-negotiable list add on all the people you would like to invite with your fiance' if you are allowing parents to invite friends or family members you may not remember give them a specified amount of people they can invite. Make sure that your future in-laws have this same rule. Once you have everyone's lists figure out how many people are over and decide how you want to narrow the list down.

Some easy candidates to cut from your lists: Children, co-workers, out-of-touch friends and distant relatives. Don't feel obligated to invite neighbors or other brides that have recently invited you to their wedding.

If you are having a hard time enlist some helpers to review your list and give their opinion of who they think should be on the priority invite list. Compare their list to your list and go from there.

Remember this is your special day ask yourselves will I remember these people I am inviting 10 years from now?

I can honestly say I don't remember 1/2 of the people we invited to our wedding.

Have fun and best wishes for your upcoming wedding.

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