Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding Albums - Secure Your Purchase!

There is something very important that we wanted to share with brides and grooms that are purchasing wedding albums or considering one. The inside scoop from our photography groups is that a lot of photographers have difficulty completing the album for their client because of the time it takes for the client to pick out their photos or go to the studio to review and approve the album before it is printed. We have heard of some clients not coming in at all even though they paid for their album up front. Life does get in the way but your precious memories that are creatively designed for an album by your photographer is something that should not be overlooked or delayed and here is why.....Be warned that if you choose not to get that album done shortly after your honeymoon the following unpredictable scenarios may happen.
The photography company or photographer goes out of business.
The photographer passes away.
The photography studio has a fire and nothing was put in a safe.
The album gets mailed to the wrong person and never returned.
The album was not done correctly and the lab that produced it doesn't carry the type you chose any longer.
The list can go on and on. You can't rely on your albums being securely stored as some studios may not make that their priority. You truly need to follow up on the album design as soon as possible for your own peace of mind. We offer videography in addition to photography and have experienced working closely with another photographer who was independent and worked alone. This person passed unexpectantly and we are still getting phone calls (because they knew we referred each other often) asking if we know how they can get a hold of their photos. We assume this person had no plan of action in the case of their death. A few of this person's clients have paid in full for their albums and we are contributing our time and resources to help them out as best we can. Our AdviceThis is a very good question to ask your photographer....."who is responsible for your studio should anything happen to you?". This will give you peace of mind and a resource to go to in case something happens.A lot of studios including us are offering all images at high resolution to our clients in lieu of albums. You can actually make your own wedding album online these days at a more economical price. To have your images on a disc shortly after your wedding gives you the security that you need knowing your photos are in your hands and not the studios.We offer wedding albums but encourage the sale be made after the wedding so that our clients don't feel the pressure of additional costs and decisions before the wedding. We wish you the best in your adventure and a happy life together!

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Chris said...

Sounds like a good company with good service. The photography is soooo important in a wedding. It captures all the fun and memories!