Monday, March 31, 2008

How to save money for your wedding -

There are so many expenses involved with planning your special day that it can be financially stressful. Here is some great advice on making sure your able to pay for your big day...

Plan ahead so you aren't stuck with a large amount of debt in a short amount of time-

1- 2 years is sufficient

How can you save with so many other financial obligations?

Cook for each other at home instead of eating out.

Rent movies instead of going to theaters.

Check out books and CDs from the library instead of buying them DVD's can also be rented for free at the library.

Pack your lunch instead of ordering it at the deli - freeze meals ahead of time and microwave them at work for a good variety.

Take buses, subways, or your own two feet instead of cabs or using your gas.

Skip the daily cappuccino and put the extra dollars aside, or find a cheaper place for your daily cup of coffee.

Throw all your loose coins into a large jar at the end of the day as well as any dollar bills you have it all adds up and can be a great way to buy wedding accessories or bridal party gifts.

Put off it-can-wait purchases until after the wedding.

Get a second job wait tables, deliver pizza, direct sell, until you reach a specific goal.

If you plan ahead and set goals now it will pay off.

Have fun and good luck~

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